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A Comic for COVID-19 Avareness

Govt of  India
Kids. Vaayu & Corona: Who wins the fights?
A Comic series for COVID-19 awareness

There is growing concern and perceived threat about the Coronavirus among common
citizens. The population of all ages are making use of available media such as newspa­
pers, social media, and television to make themselves aware. From adults to children,
most of the discussion these days are centering around the Coronavirus.But for children,
especially those below the age of 12 years, Coronavirushas become a a cause of concern
as they are not able to comprehend the talks and getting worried. The parents should talk
to them and resolve their queries so that they do not panic.

Sometimes parents might be busy,and they might not be able to resolve their queries.
Considering this PGIMER-Chandigarh, India, and Panjab University-Chandigarh,India
created a comic to make children aware about the threat of Coronavirus and how to
remain safe through simple precautionary steps. This comic is created to learn, along
with fun, and motivate children to be a hero of prevention by defeating Corona.

Vaayu is a global citizen who lives in the foothills of Himalayas, India.
He is a superhero, who work for the better public health and environment.
He has been called to fight against the global threat of Coronavirus and to protect children
from sudden panic and fear.

How can we defeat the corona virus?
1. By washing hands properly
2. By maintaining social distance
3. By greeting traditionally
4. Maintain & Proper hygiene
5. If sick, follow doctor advice

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