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Save and Produce in Camtasia Studio(Kannada)

File Type : Video(Creating Video Lesson Tutorial)
About video : Save and Produce in Camtasia Studio(Kannada)
Language :  Kannada
Created Date : 14-April-2016
Created By : Sunil Krishnashetty
File Format : .MP4 
File Size : 8.12MB
Length :  4.09 Minute 
Quality : HD(1280x720)
Data rate : 145kbps
Total bit rate : 271kbps
Frame rate : 20 frames/second
Audio bit rate : 125kbps
Channels : 2(stereo)
Audio sample rate : 44kHz
Password Encrypted : No  
File Size Reduced : No
Password : ----
Download Link Available : No
View Available : Yes
Cost : No Cost
Copyrighted by :
Personal Use only(non-commercial use only) 
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